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Support Membership

Support memberships are designed for riders who: more novice riders transitioning to independent riding, desire company on their rides, and minors.

The Support Memberships are the perfect way for students to get a strong mix of both lessons and supported independent riding. Support Members receibe a monthly package of three lessons as well as designated "community ride" times where Support Members can come ride as a group in a non-instructional setting that allows for independent riding with more support. During these community rides, Painted Bar Stables staff will be present to answer any questions, but will not be necessarily instructing or guiding. Community rides can take place in the arena or on trail.

As a more novice membership, we require a competency level of strong walk and trotting abilities, but are more flexible on the canter skill set. The only requirement for people not yet at a higher level is that they do not practice new skills in their independent sessions and instead focus on honing the skills that they already possess, reserving the new skills for lesson time so as to not place undue burden to the animal or safety risk.

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