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Endurance - 30 Mile Limited Distance Race

$150Purchase required to enroll
Every endurance race requires riders to vet their horses in the afternoon on the day before the ride and attend an evening meeting. Riders need to camp on site (as do the horses) to be ready for their morning start time the next day.

Riders 16+ are allowed to ride without sponsor, all younger riders must have an adult sponsor ride with them. An adult can sponsor and ride with two minors. If you need a Painted Bar Stables staff, they are available at the following rates:

An Intern or PBS Appointed Sponsor: an additional $100
Erika Eckstrom or Jennifer VanDusen: an additional $150

The price of the event does NOT include registration costs. Those will be billed separately depending on the event. Each event requires registration and has varying costs. You can save $15 per race by registering as an AERC member.

We will not be providing human transportation or any rider supervision overnight. Parents of minors are responsible for their children.
Cancellation policy

Refund Policy summarized:

Cancelation of Trip Prior to Departure

60 Days Prior to Trip Start:

  • 95% Refund
  • 5% Non-Refundable

30 Days Prior to Trip Start:

  • 50% Refund
  • 25% Held as Account Credit
  • 25% Non-Refundable

14 Days Prior to Trip Start:

  • 50% Refund
  • 50% Non-Refundable

Why do we have these these cancelation policies?

In order to plan your vacation, we need to prepay a number of reservations for our journey including hotels, cabins, stalls, certain banquet meals and event registrations. Many of these are non-refundable.
In addition to this, there is a lot of work that goes into the calculation of the price of the trips and the minimum number of people. As we get closer to the start of the trip it becomes impossible to advertise to fill places left to cancellation.

Are there any exceptions?

Yes! If someone is able to fill your place on the trip then we will give you a 95% refund and only hold 5% as a non-refundable inconvenience fee.