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EquiTravel Horse Vacation - Biltmore Trip

(As always, we appreciate check, cash or venmo payments versus credit card payments for large ticket items as it saves us on processing fees.)

Our flagship Biltmore Endurance trip with all of the bells and whistles. This adventure takes us down to North Carolina where we compete in an endurance race at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville.

NUMBER OF RIDERS: 2 Rider Minimum, 8 Rider Maximum


  • One day of endurance racing at the Biltmore Estate - entry fee included.
  • Four days of recreational riding at the Biltmore, Moses Cone Memorial Park, and Carvins Cove Natural Reserve
  • All home-made meals for the trip (except those purchased en route at restaurants as we drive).
  • Overnighting includes an overnight at a cabin in the Virginia Highlands, 2 nights camping at the Biltmore Estate, 2 nights at a rental property in Asheville, and 2 nights at the Penmerryl Inn.
Preparation Riding:
  • One Month of membership specifically on the horse you will be using for the trip

$2950 for Painted Bar Students including
10% off if purchased before the January 7th Holiday Party

Additional cost for staff escort during the race.
Everyone must be 18 or older for this event.

TRIP INTENSITY LEVEL: Advanced Intermediate

All riders and horses must be fit enough and skilled enough to join this trip. This is an incredibly intensive week of riding with each ride being 15 to 20 miles per day. Riders must be able to walk, trot and canter independently and have the skills to be self sufficient with their horse in terms of readying them and caring for them.

The endurance ride at the Biltmore is a 25 mile Limited Distance endurance event. All riders joining this event must understand the rules, vetting proceedures and etiquette expectations at an endurance event.

Riders do not need to be competitive in this event, but must register in order to receive the camping and recreational trail riding access to the estate. Riders have the option of competing competitively, completing slowly but within parameters, or even just recreationally riding the designated routes and only doing half or coming in past time. This is one of the best marked trails in the United States with permanent markers and well established winding trail routes making it an easy event to ride independently.

Cancellation policy

Refund Policy summarized:

Cancelation of Trip Prior to Departure

60 Days Prior to Trip Start:

  • 95% Refund
  • 5% Non-Refundable

30 Days Prior to Trip Start:

  • 50% Refund
  • 25% Held as Account Credit
  • 25% Non-Refundable

14 Days Prior to Trip Start:

  • 50% Refund
  • 50% Non-Refundable

Date of Trip Start:

  • 0% Refund
  • 100% Non-Refundable

Starting on the day of the event, there will be absolutely no refunds. Please be sure to coordinate with us prior to the start of the program if there are any concerns.

Anyone exhibiting symptoms of COVID19 may be asked to leave with no refund. Please make sure you are symptom free before arrival. We strongly suggest testing if you are prone to "mock symptoms" such as allergies that may be confused with COVID19.

Why do we have these these cancelation policies?

In order to plan your vacation, we need to prepay a number of reservations for our journey including hotels, cabins, stalls, certain banquet meals and event registrations. Many of these are non-refundable.
In addition to this, there is a lot of work that goes into the calculation of the price of the trips and the minimum number of people. As we get closer to the start of the trip it becomes impossible to advertise to fill places left to cancellation.

Are there any exceptions?

Yes! If someone is able to fill your place on the trip then we will give you a 95% refund and only hold 5% as a non-refundable inconvenience fee.

COVID19 Behavior Policy SPECIFICALLY for the EquiTravel Trips:

We do not segregate between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. Our rules apply to everyone evenly.

Our EquiTravel trip participants are known for becoming incredibly connected throughout the week. For many, they make lifelong friendships. Because of co-habitation and intimacy of the experience, everyone attending the camp is required to get a COVID19 Test 48 hours before arrival (can be an at home test).

As a result of testing, masks will not be required when working within our camp community (other participants and staff).

If using a mask, we strongly suggest masks and face coverings that encircle the head and can be worn around the neck for easy access when not in use instead of those that rely on ear loops, as ear loops can become tricky when wearing a helmet. Bandanas are appropriate and acceptable.

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