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Adult Immersion Retreat Camp

$2,950 Purchase required to enroll

Do you want to go to an all-inclusive sleep away camp?

The best way to learn to ride, is to immerse yourself in riding. Come ride with us in group lessons, game nights and sunset trail rides and really immerse yourself in the world of horseback riding.

The program offers one horse per adult and includes two-four hours of mounted instruction daily as well as lectures.

This camp is all inclusive of riding, housing, meals & drinks, and shuttle service between the lodge house and the barn. Between classes will be additional opportunities to visit the wineries, breweries and beautiful hiking paths in the area.


  • Single - $2950 per single
  • Couple - $5000 per couple sharing a yurt
  • Commuter Rate: $2100 per person
    Commuters would be included in everything except for overnighting in a room at the farmhouse

Please email us if you are a Couple or Commuter and we will pro-rate your registration to the appropriate cost.

If registration is full, please send us an email. We may have additional space due to room sharing couples!


Prior experience is not necessary - just motivation to learn, the sense of adventure in doing something different, the willingness to work hard and the stamina and wit to put it all together. We will help you master the biomechanics of horseback riding and give you life-long trail riding skills that will take you to the places you wish to go.

Whether you are a gutsy and athletic novice rider or a seasoned equestrian, we will help you hone your skills through a variety of lessons, lectures, games, trail rides and on-the-ground training with our horses culminating in an all-day trek into the National Forest.

The main goal of our camp is to get everyone out on trails enjoying the Finger Lakes – as that is our specialty. We will partake in several lessons on trail and in the arena, as well as recreational trail rides to enjoy the beauty of the region helping you increase your independence and capability on riding in the real world.

At camp, our "campers" may be split into various groups based on their skills and natural abilities:

  • Gusty Novice riders will get a primer on riding, helping them to not only understand riding not just by how to execute cues, but why those cues work and how to properly communicate with their mount.
  • More seasoned riders will be given opportunities to really strengthen their abilities and problem-solve their weaknesses while developing an in-depth understanding of the biomechanics of both the horse and the human and how they sync in harmony.

Basic physical fitness is a must as working with horses requires a level of physical aptitude. All riders must:

· Be capable of standing on their feet and walking for multiple hours a day while in the barn.

· Have the capacity and endurance enough that they would be able to climb 3 flights of stairs without being winded.

· Be able to carry 30lbs. of weight. Hay bales weigh 40 lbs., and saddles range between 20 to 50lbs. depending on the style and size of the saddle.

· For camp, due to limited availability of larger horses, all riders must weigh 230lbs. or less, which is less than our stable’s usual weight limit of 250lbs.

A group of people riding horsesDescription automatically generated with low confidence

Spend each night in private room at the beautiful Gathering Hill Farm farmhouse eating a variety of locally sourced meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Gathering Hill Farmhouse is a glorious 5 bedroom 19th century farmhouse with a lake view. Built in 1819, this 5 bedroom and 3 bathroom farmhouse sits on 8 acres of deer trails. A walking path leads across the street and next door to wineries on the Seneca Lake Wine Trail. Only a 5 minute drive to the stables, you will have the option of taking our shuttle or driving yourself.

  • Each day you will make your own breakfast at the farmhouse using the kitchen fully stocked with local ingredients and then be shuttled to our stables where you will partake in either a riding lesson or trail ride,
  • Each day at lunch will be a Tour of the Finger Lakes grabbing food from local wineries, bistros and breweries.
  • After lunch you will be shuttled back to the farmhouse where we can host seminars on selected equine topics or you can either rest, relax, and stretch your sore muscles, or take a short walk to the vineyards on the Seneca Wine Trail. As a group we may take the shuttle to check out breweries or wineries.
  • In the evening you will return to the stables where you will partake each evening in a trail ride, group lesson or game night.
  • Each evening you will have a dinner specially prepared for you by a local restaurant or our staff and brought to the farmhouse.
  • On the last day, you will go on an all-day riding adventure through the Finger Lakes National Forest and receive a banquet feast afterwards back at the house.

* Note: For those bringing their own horses you must communicate with us ahead of time to make sure their horse is appropriate and ready to join camp. Coggins, Rabies and a 5-Way Vaccine Required. We offer box stall board with pelleted bedding and hay. Please plan to bring your own grain pre-bagged with any supplements into twice daily AM and PM feedings. Because we turnout in large herd turnout, turnout for guest horses will not be available. Please make sure that your horse is fit enough to complete at least 4 hours of riding per day and a 15–20-mile all-day ride for the final day.
If your horse is unable to ride either due to exhaustion from lack of fitness, behavioral issues, or lameness, we can provide you one of our horses to ride instead. In that case, you would need to pay $15 daily board per day for your horse while it is not being used during camp.

Cancellation policy

If a cancellation is needed before the start of the event for ANY reason (whether because of a COVID19 diagnosis or symptoms, a death in the family, an injury... any reason) a transferable but non-refundable deposit of 20% will apply. This deposit will be added to your account as account credit to be used towards future programs or rides.

Starting on the day of the event, there will be absolutely no refunds. Please be sure to coordinate with us prior to the start of the program if there are any concerns.

Anyone exhibiting symptoms of COVID19 may be asked to leave with no refund. Please make sure you are symptom free before arrival. We strongly suggest testing if you are prone to "mock symptoms" such as allergies that may be confused with COVID19.

COVID19 Behavior Policy SPECIFICALLY for the Immersion Retreat Camp:

We do not segregate between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. Our rules apply to everyone evenly.

Our immersion camp participants are known for becoming incredibly connected throughout the week. For many, they make lifelong friendships. Because of co-habitation and intimacy of the experience, everyone attending the camp is required to get a COVID19 Test 48 hours before arrival (can be an at home test). Upon arrival we will have at-home tests at the house if anyone feels it necessary throughout the week to test.

As a result of testing, masks will not be required when working within our camp community (other participants and staff).

That said, we do have a number of other students and riders on site throughout the camp. To prevent people from blowing breath on others, we ask that everyone keep 'a horses distance' (10 feet) of a 'not-your-person' - aka anyone outside of the camp group.

If using a mask, we strongly suggest masks and face coverings that encircle the head and can be worn around the neck for easy access when not in use instead of those that rely on ear loops, as ear loops can become tricky when wearing a helmet. Bandanas are appropriate and acceptable.