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Distance Riding Bootcamp

$800 Purchase required to enroll
Get ready to go the distance!

This endurance camp is a jam packed long weekend full of riding and learning. You will spend a minimum of 4 hours in the saddle every day going through both technical and athletic bootcamp as well as knowledge seminars in order to prepare you for distance sports. This camp is a perfect intro to understanding the logistics, training, and ways to succeed in distance sports with your horse.

All riders should be able to canter and control their horses while riding on open trails, in groups and solo or in pairs. Teens and adults are welcome. Pre-Teens are welcome by invite or approval only.

Instructors: Erika Eckstrom and Jen VanDusen
Veterinarians: Pam Karner and Annie Madison with the assistance of veterinary students from Cornell University

Making camp and then a ½ Day of Practical Knowledge and Lessons starting at 12:00pm
Full Day of Practical Knowledge, Trail Rides and Lessons
Introductory Endurance Ride and Debrief Award Ceremony over Late Lunch/Early Supper

Camp includes a meal plan that you are welcome to enjoy for the following meals: Friday Lunch and Dinner; Saturday Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner; Sunday Breakfast, Ride Snacks, Dinner.
All riders are welcome to enjoy the food buffets or bring their own foods. All meals will have both a meat and vegetarian option. If you have specific dietary needs please let us know ahead of time and we will do our best to try to accommodate within reason. Examples of meals include homemade scones, cheese boards, yogurt and granola, soups, chicken BBQ, roasted vegetables, homemade macaroni and cheese, fresh salads.

The goal of this camp is for riders to:
  • Learn the rules for both endurance competition as well as competitive trail competitions and understand how they differentiate.
  • Review the logistics, timeline and "flow" of a distance competition.
  • Master the vet check!
  • Develop the riding skills necessary to ride with minimal impact on their horse over long distances.
  • Understand the differences in speed, rhythm, and technique between long trail rides, competitive trail pacing, and endurance riding.
  • Practice techniques, drills and workouts that will get you and your horse fit for long distance riding.
  • Grasp the veterinary and medical information that will help you prepare your horse as well as keep your horse safe while riding long distances.
The program includes four hours of mounted instruction daily as well as lectures.

If you would like to use a Painted Bar Stables horse you MUST communicate with us beforehand so that we can assign you the horse prior to registration.

We do have many horses of all shapes and sizes owned by the farm available to use for camp, however we prioritize their use for our regularly riding students. Only after our regularly riding students have been assigned their horses will we be opening the docket of horses remaining for the general public to reserve.

Anyone who would use one of our horses who is not a student of our farm would need to come and pay for a Thursday group lesson the day before camp begins specifically for us to figure out horse assignments for the weekend.


IF YOU PLAN TO BRING YOUR OWN HORSE THERE IS A DISCOUNT OF $150. Please use the coupon code BYOHORSE at checkout.

Please make sure that your horse is fit enough to complete at least 2 to 4 hours of riding per day and a 15-20 mile all-day ride for the final day. Horses must be able to ride within a group without needing to go first to participate in certain lessons.

If your horse is unable to ride either due to exhaustion from lack of fitness, behavioral issues or lameness, we can provide you one of our horses to ride instead. In that case, you would need to pay $15 daily board per day for your horse while it is not being used during camp. Our head instructor, Jen VanDusen is also a farrier and may be able to tack on shoes at cost at the end of a day if your horse loses a shoe or is having an issue.

For those bringing their own horses we will be camping with our horses in our back field to replicate the endurance experience. Please bring your own fencing in order to set up a temporary fence. Please plan to bring your own hay and grain pre-bagged with any supplements into twice daily AM and PM feedings. We will provide a list of supplies you will need to support your horse through a distance riding event camping experience. If your horse CANNOT camp, we do have stalls available for evening rental at $15/night.

COVID19 Behavior Policy for Painted Bar Stables:

We do not segregate between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. Our rules apply to everyone evenly.

We strongly suggest masks and face coverings that encircle the head and can be worn around the neck for easy access when not in use instead of those that rely on ear loops, as ear loops can become tricky when wearing a helmet. Bandanas are appropriate and acceptable.

Cancellation policy

If a cancellation is needed before the start of the event for ANY reason (whether because of a COVID19 diagnosis or symptoms, a death in the family, an injury... any reason) a transferable but non-refundable deposit of 20% will apply. This deposit will be added to your account as account credit to be used towards future programs or rides.

Starting on the day of the event, there will be absolutely no refunds. Please be sure to coordinate with us prior to the start of the program if there are any concerns.

Anyone exhibiting symptoms of COVID19 may be asked to leave with no refund. Please make sure you are symptom free before arrival. We strongly suggest testing if you are prone to "mock symptoms" such as allergies that may be confused with COVID19.

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