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Endurance Camp

$500Purchase required to enroll
Get ready to go the distance!

This endurance camp is a jam packed long weekend full of riding and learning. You will spend a minimum of 4 hours in the saddle every day going through both technical and athletic bootcamp as well as knowledge seminars in order to prepare you for distance sports. This camp is a perfect intro to understanding the logistics, training, and ways to succeed in distance sports with your horse.

All riders should be able to canter and control their horses while riding on open trails, in groups and solo or in pairs. Teens and adults are welcome. Pre-Teens are welcome by invite or approval only.

The goal of this camp is for riders to:
  • Learn the rules for both endurance competition as well as competitive trail competitions and understand how they differentiate.
  • Review the logistics, timeline and "flow" of a distance competition.
  • Master the vet check!
  • Develop the riding skills necessary to ride with minimal impact on their horse over long distances.
  • Understand the differences in speed, rhythm, and technique between long trail rides, competitive trail pacing, and endurance riding.
  • Practice techniques, drills and workouts that will get you and your horse fit for long distance riding.
  • Grasp the veterinary and medical information that will help you prepare your horse as well as keep your horse safe while riding long distances.
The program offers one horse per adult and includes four hours of mounted instruction daily as well as lectures. You may also bring your own horse at no cost.*

On Thursday and Friday each day will consist of an arena lesson, lecture and lesson on trail. On Sunday we will head out for an all-day trail ride to evaluate our (and our horse's ability) to ride long distances.

*Note: For those bringing their own horses we will offer box stall board with pelleted bedding and hay. Please plan to bring your own grain pre-bagged with any supplements into twice daily AM and PM feedings. Because we turnout in large herd turnout, turnout for guest horses will not be available. Please make sure that your horse is fit enough to complete at least 4 hours of riding per day and a 15-20 mile all-day ride for the final day. Horses must be able to ride within a group without needing to go first.
If your horse is unable to ride either due to exhaustion from lack of fitness, behavioral issues or lameness, we can provide you one of our horses to ride instead. In that case, you would need to pay $15 daily board per day for your horse while it is not being used during camp.

Cancellation policy Cancellation with full refund is allowed until 2 week before the start of camp.
After then, refund is only given if we are able to fill the place in the camp session.
No upcoming schedule