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Commuter Immersion Camp

$1,600 Purchase required to enroll
Join the Immersion Retreat Camp but stay at your own home!

  • Daily Lesson
  • Daily Trail Ride
  • Mid-Day Seminars
  • Lunches
  • Dinners
  • Wine Campfires
  • Capstone Multi-Course Dinner Out on Friday
  • Shuttle Service during day between farm and other activities

Commuters are welcome to take part in everything with the camp outside the stables activities as well, including the lunches out, the seminars and resting hours at the house, the dinners and the wine campfires at the end of the day. However, with the added commute it can feel like a long day!

Previous Commuter Camper's Advice for Commuters:

  • It’s a long day and no break to go home mid-day unless they want to miss discussions over lunch. Staff encourages the use of downstairs of the overnighter house, hammock and couches for resting mid-day with the group.
  • Commuters have full access to downstairs shower to clean up and should take advantage of it mid-day as needed.
  • Pack a support bag that resides at overnighter house with changes of clothes and shoes as well as shower stuff.
  • Commuters are welcome to jump in the overnighter bus mid-day for the back and forth between the overnighter house for mid-day rest and breweries and wineries for lunch.
  • Everything is optional - it's your vacation! Mornings can feel early for commuters. It was really fun bringing in the horses and feeding them, but maybe having one or two mornings where commuters to take the option come 30 minutes to an hour later might encourage people to stay and hang out at the overnighter house for the night before for the wine chats and socials.

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