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Farrier Clinic - 3 Day

$600 Purchase required to enroll

The Farrier 101 Camp is for owners, riders and future farriers. Learn what it takes to be a farrier as you decide if the profession is right for you. Develop and practice new skills that will increase your knowledge and experience with horses and the farrier profession. Or simply just become a better horseman.

Camp runs from Friday afternoon through Sunday evening and includes 20 hours of instruction, including a guest lecture from Steve Kraus, CFJ, the head farrier and instructor for the Cornell University Farrier School.

Included in your registration is:

From Instructor Jen: “I really do my best to choose the topics based on what the people want to learn. In the past I have had students come to my classes for all different reasons and for each course I’ve organized the curriculum to help them reach their goals.”

This camp will be designed around the attendees and their personal goals. The curriculum will be taught through numerous demonstrations, power point presentations, and hands on training. Some of the topics may include:

  • Anatomy and conformation
  • Lower limb dissection
  • Biomechanics
  • Tools and equipment
  • Common hoof problems
  • Balanced trim
  • Basic shoeing
  • Pulling shoes

YOUR INSTRUCTOR: A Riding Farrier’s Perspective

We are blessed at the Painted Bar Stables to have as our head instructor Jennifer VanDusen, Certified Farrier, as our in-house farrier.

Jennifer Marosek VanDusen, certified farrier, will be teaching the course. Jennifer has a Master's degree in education and also completed the certified farrier program at Cornell University. She is an expert in her trade and looks forward to sharing our horses hoof needs and biomechanics.

Many farriers only get to see the foot in the cross-ties at the beginning and end of a trimming cycle, never getting to see the balance of the hoof or the horse’s movement mid-cycle.

Over the past years Jen has had the rare opportunity to use our herd as case studies spending time at all points in their trimming cycle under them as a farrier, on them as a rider, and witnessing them from a distance as she teaches lessons both on arena footing and trails.

This unique perspective being able to see the effects of both her work and the progression of time on the hooves have given her a deep knowledge well beyond her farrier education and certifications.

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