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Community Trail Ride - 1 Hour

Community Trail Rides and Group Arena Hack times are riding opportunities for those who want to ride on their own but have the presence and support of Painted Bar Staff. These rides are an opportunity for those who are looking to grow in terms of independence and have addition opportunities to practice their skills.

Community riders are expected to prepare their own horse, mount up on their own, and be independent riders. At the end of each ride community riders are responsible for returning their dry, clean and cool horse to a clean stall with a minimum of a ½ bucket of water.

Staff may sometimes lead the way, or sometimes be on training horses somewhere in the middle of the lineup, depending on who is coming and he goals of the community riders.


MONDAYS: 6pm - community trail

TUESDAYS: 10am - community trail or arena hack

WEDNESDAY: 12pm - community trail

FRIDAY: 10am and 5:30pm - community trail or arena hack

Members can join community rides for free as a part of their membership. The support membership only comes with a 1 hour session but if they want to extend it to a 2 hour ride they can add an extra hour for $35. Pro Members can ride for 2 hours per week as a part of their plan.

Non-Members who are students can join the 1 hour community rides for $45. If we do 2 hour community rides they are $80.