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Seminar Class

An in person night of learning!

Dinner will be provided to be eaten during discussion session. If you have any special dietary needs you must inform the Painted Bar Stables 48 hours in advance. Feel free to BYOB to the event.

Equine Anatomy
March 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th
Location: Painted Bar Stables

Understanding how a horse is built is the foundation of understanding how they move. Before you can better understand biomechanics of riding, you first must understand the anatomy of your mount.

Each class will include handouts and hands-on activities followed by lecture and discusion.

March 6th
Week 1: Body Parts
The Outside of the Horse

Identifying terminology, body part locations, and breed specific comformation qualities versus overarching good conformation that spans across breeds.
Hands On: Measuring Height, Weight and Body Condition Scoring

March 13
Week 2: Organs and Systems
The Inside of the Horse

Locating organs within the body and understanding their functions.
Hands On: Checking Vitals, Digital Pulse and Listening Gut Sounds

March 20
Week 3: Musculoskeletal Systems & Biomechanics
How Things Move

Idenfying bones, muscle groups and soft tissues and understanding their role in movement functions. Understanding how biomechanics play a role in facial expressions and body language.
Hands On: Identifying Gaits, Strides, Footfalls, Leads and Diagonals

March 27
Week 4: Integumentary System
Skin, Hair and Hooves

Understanding the epithelial layers and their functions and natural defense mechanisms as well as the role that grooming and care plays in the health of the horse.
Hands On: Exploring the Hoof Capsule Inside and Out with a dissection of a hoof capsule.

***Future Seminars on Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Endocrine, Lymphatic, Digestive and Neurological Systems