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$45 per classPurchase required to enroll

Cost: $45
  1. $25 Entry Fee +
  2. $20 per Stall for Outside Horses. See Horse Requirements OR $20 use of PBS horse by PBS student

HOW IT WORKS: Riders will be performing obstacles simultaneously in order to keep the event moving.
Riders will carry with them their "Ride Card" which they will hand to the judge at each obstacle. Each obstacle will be judged on a 1-10 scale in three categories: rider skill, horse response, smoothness of performance. Riders are not required to complete all of the obstacles in order to compete.
  • RIDER SKILL = horsemanship, balance, technicality of riding skills, communication with horse, coordination and dexterity, and general "at ease" appearance
  • HORSES RESPONSE = technical performance skills, responsiveness, calm demeanor, bravery, obedience
  • SMOOTHNESS OF PERFORMANCE = quick but un-rushed performance with calm and smooth movements
Obstacles would include a mix of the following to incorporate all levels of riders:
  • Teeter Totter
  • Short Tire Climb
  • Tall Tire Climb
  • Opening and Closing Gates
  • Mailbox Pony Express
  • Blindfolded Horse (in hand)
  • Sidepass Beam
  • L-shaped or Figure-8 Back Up
  • Ground Mount
  • Pole Pick Up
  • Around the World
  • Sac or Pole Drag
  • Ring Tilting (extra points for canter, ½ points for walk)
  • Carwash
  • And more as I get creative....

Each show will consist of 4 games, one speed class, one technical class, one ground class, and one team class. To keep it fresh and exciting, games wouldn't be announced until the night of the show.

Examples of Games would be:

Speed Games:
- Jumping/Cavalettis
- Barrel Games

Technical Games:
- Ring Jousting
- Command Class/Simon Says
- Obstacle Course
- Vaulting Basics

Ground Class:
- Tack Up Challenge
- Bit Identification
- Color Identification/Genetics Games
- Polo Wrap Challenge

Team Games:
- Bottle Game
- Hullahoop Relays

Ribbons will be awarded for each class.
Reserve and Grand Champion awarded for each division.
Points will be scored for the entire summer series and a prize will be given to the Grand and Reserve Champion for points across all divisions for the entire series - so the more classes you enter the better your chances for getting high point!

You may only enter one division per show.
- Walk/Trot
- Gutsy Novice
- Pro Gamers