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Community Trail Ride - 2 Hour

$80 per class$300A credit card is required to enroll but isn't charged until the time of service.
Community Trail Rides are not open to the public and are specifically designed for our regularly riding students looking to enjoy their community.

Horse Reservations.
Horses are reserved ahead of time on a first come, first serve basis.
All riders must be approved to ride their horse of choice based on their riding ability, height & weight, and the type of ride planned.

Tack Up.
All Community riders are expected to ready their own horse.
Trail rides will depart from the farm no later than 15 minutes after the start time of the appointment. Please plan accordingly.

Ride Speed.
The speed of the ride will be determined ahead of time. Ride speeds include:
  • Walk Only.
  • Walk and Trot.
  • Walk and Trot, introduction to Canter
  • All speed rides.
If multiple speed riders are interested in riding at the same community ride, the group may choose to split into two different trail strings, each with their own guide staff, to ride at different speeds.

Outside Horses.
Owners of outside horses are allowed to join adult intermediate level rides.

Requirements for outside horses:
  • Outside horses may not lead a ride. Please do not bring your horse if your horse must go first.
  • No stallions.
  • All horses must be ridden with at least 10' between each horse. Horse and Rider pairs that are unable to maintain distance at all speeds will be reprimanded and may be required to take additional lessons before joining another ride.
  • Outside horses must use their own tack and equipment. No tack or equipment is available for rent from Painted Bar Stables.
  • All outside horses must be ridden in tack. No bareback riding.
  • All outside horses must be in healthy condition with no sign of disease or lameness, and show proof of noggins and rabies prior to being unloaded from their trailers.
  • To reduce the spread of disease, no contact should be made between horses from various barns: nose "kissing," sharing of water buckets, etc...
Any outside horses with the following behaviors must be marked accordingly:
  • Red Ribbon: a horse prone to kicking if other horses are too close
  • Green Ribbon: a green horse that is still learning or schooling