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Greenhorn Training Class

$55 per classPlan available for $175Purchase required to enroll

The best way to learn how to train a horse is to train a horse.

Learn how to better understand the training process for green horses and expanding knowledge on horsemanship skills.

As a member of the Greenhorn Training Class, you will be able to work with our green horses in a combination of structured and independent environments. Greenhorns will work together to train and work young horses, as well as new green horses to prepare them for their lives as lesson horses.

Individual Classes: $55

Fridays starting at 6:00pm

Classes are usually 2 hours in length

If you would like to audit a class (attend but not participate) we welcome you at a cost of $35
Go to this link to register to audit: https://paintedbarstables.pike13.com/group_classes/128220#/month?dt=2021-01-01&lt=staff

Monthly Club Pass: $175

The Greenhorn Club Pass allows access to an entire month of classes as well as opportunities for training labs.
This is a 20% discount PLUS added club bonuses!!!