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Greenhorn Training Club

The best way to learn how to train a horse is to train a horse.

As a member of the Greenhorn Training Class, you will be able to work with our green horses in a combination of structured and independent environments. Greenhorns will work together to train and work young horses, as well as new green horses to prepare them for their lives as lesson horses.

Individual Classes: $55

Fridays starting at 6:00pm

Classes are usually 2 hours in length

If you would like to audit a class (attend but not participate) we welcome you at a cost of $35

Monthly Club Pass: $175

The Greenhorn Club Pass allows access to an entire month of classes as well as opportunities for training labs.
This is a 20% discount PLUS added club bonuses!!!

Group Classes

The monthly club includes classes for the entire month.

Classes will be focused on demonstrations of skills that we decide are important in our other meeting. This would be a hands on time for instructors, and interns to jump in and fix skill sets.

Note: Classes do not roll over from month to month and must be used the month of the membership. We are trying to encourage people to get involved on a regular basis.

Training Labs

Training labs are the unlimited, unsupervised practice sessions that greenhorns have to work with designated and assigned horses for groundwork and basic training skills. These are opportunities to review skills and develop the repetition needed for horses and humans to learn these foundational skills.

No skill is too small to repeat and perfect!

Training labs can be booked online through the FrontDesk and a staff member will assign your horse and training task. Please book these sessions at the end of your weekly class so that we can easily assign horses and tasks.

Every training lab must be recorded in the schooling database in order to track horse and member progress to be discussed at meetings. We strongly encourage videotaping your session using our iPad stand or chest mount straps for instructional review.

Additional Learning OpportunitiesAdditional groundwork lessons and riding lessons with staff can always be purchased in order to support the work you are doing in the club and help you achieve your personal goals.

Requirements for Club Membership:

Requirements to be able to join the club and be able to do unsupervised work with horses you need to have the following understanding:

All members must have basic knowledge of groundwork skills: haltering, leading, picking up feet,

All members must obey maximum skills level limits. Not every club member will be allowed to ride or do groundwork at the same skill level. Not everyone will be working at the same level at the same time, just like how the horses won't be at the same level either. The goal is to work together as a club to make these newer and younger horses into finished products for the entire community

Members that intend to do any mounted work must be capable of posting trot and posess soft hands and understanding of leg cues. This must be evaluated beforehand in a lesson setting. Members that intend to ride must update their riding weight on FrontDesk regularly in order to be appropriately mounted.

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